My Picture on Keys

Performing with the well known singer Chadi Jamil from Halab Syria.

Same night with Chadi Jamil at the Cave Club.

Me and Salah on Violin in long Island New York.

My old band (we used to be the best in those days)From L to R Mounir Sobhi ( 2nd Keyboards)-Suheil Sous(Guitar)-Samer Artam(Tabla)-Ashraf Samir(Drums)-Me(Lead Keyboard).

This was one of those lucky nights to play with a big band in the USA.

Me and Faisal Wazany one of my favorite singers from Jacksonville Florida.

Me and Magdi El Hosainy The 1st Keyboard player to play arabic music and with who? Oum Kalthoum-Abdel Haleem Hafez-Fareed El Atrash to name a few.

Me and Mounir Sobhi one of my best friends.

Me and the Famous Ragheb Alama at a concert in New Jersy.

Another one with Ragheb.

Me and the bass player Tarek Alaam at a rehearsal with Hicham Barakat.

Me and the young Egyptian Singer and Guitarist Tarek Amir.

The old days with Singer Tony Franjiah in Boston.

New years eve 2000 in long island NY.

Me and young Robert Mousa at a Brova in Sinbad Club New Jersy ( Robert is a keyboard player).

With singer Nafez El Marabi in Brooklyn NY.

Another favorite singer Fahim Dandan one of the best and most active young singers in the USA.

From left to right Samer Skaf-Fahim Dandan-Me-Mike Kheir, we were a band for 2 years then i split up and went on my own.

With the well known Singer from lebanon Samira Tawfik.

Singer Walid Rabie and the Arabian Nights back then.

Me and one of my best buddy's Ali Hamideh the Percussion Man.

Me and Singer Naeem Mousa .

Me and my tall buddy Jawad .

Me and Atef Kamel Owner of Cave club in New jersey.

Me and Mr Ousama Zeidan No-1 Nay player from detroid.

Essa And Sadam.

Mr George Beck Pchakjian President of the oriental forum at synthzone.

Mr George Pchakjian @ 18 with the legend Farid El Atrash

The man behind the making of YAMAHA PSR A1000 Mr Mohamed Saleh.

My New Band MUSICANA including Singer Hicham Barakat.

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