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Strings Sound                                        (The ultimate Oriental Strings Ensemble )       






Alto Sax                                     ( Great Alto Sax Sampled of a real Sax Player)    






Tenor Sax                                   (The Best Tenor Sax for oriental music{T3-Sax}    




Kanoun                                      ( The Best Halabi Kanoun "Sampled every string")    




Arabic Kit                                     ( Oriental Kit taken from Roland E-500-OR )   




Arabic Kit 2                                           ( Oriental Kit Sampled by Me )   




Nay                                                ( This Nay is breathy " the real thing" )   




Mijwez 1                                         ( This Mijwez is dirty " the real thing" )   




Mijwez 3                                         ( This Mijwez is clean " the real thing" )   




Mijwez O1W                                      ( This Mijwez is from Korg O1w )    




Trumpet                                     ( This Trumpet is sampled from Korg O1w )   




Bouzouki                                     ( Greek Bouzouki sampled from real thing )   




Zurna Mix                                     ( Mix Layers of Zurnas from real thing )   




Oud                                                  ( The attack On this sound is very soft )   




Accordion 1                                     ( Hard attack 4 reed Master mode  )    




Accordion 2                                           ( Soft attack 2 reed mode )    




E-Guitar                                              ( My own Fender clean Strat )    




Organ      ( Viscount Intercontinental 2nd vintage popular organ in the middle east after the farfisa)    




New PSR-A1000 Samples  (Solo-1/Solo-2/Zurna/Mijwez/Gerba/Rababa)     May/02/2003




Arabic Kit PSR A1000                                    ( Arabic Kit taken from Yamaha Psr-A1000 )   




Khaligi Kit PSR A1000                                    ( Khaligi Kit taken from Yamaha Psr-A1000 )   




Iranian Kit PSR A1000                                    ( Iranian Kit taken from Yamaha Psr-A1000 )   

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